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Essential are a Stanley/Stella Official Dealer

Founded in 2012, Stanley/Stella is a 100% customisable, ready-to-wear lifestyle brand that offers quality products made with respect for people, nature, and the environment.

Pioneers in the industry, the brand is eco-minimalist and creates timeless products. Based only on premium basics the brand privileges quality and ethics to offer the best promotional textiles.

We have decided to offer the best which is why we work as an Official Dealer with Stanley/Stella.

At Essential we believe in adapting more sustained and eco-friendly alternatives to the conventional practises within the garment decorating industry. We are on the forefront of innovative technology pushing for environmentally conscious alternatives.

Stanley/Stella products & what they as a brand stand for, make for the perfect fit to our vision of 100% sustainable & environmentally friendly promotional clothing.

Stanley/Stella Certifications