Digital Printing

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing 'DTG' is the process of printing a digital image directly onto a garment, a lot like an ink jet printer prints an image onto paper from your computer.

As it print the image directly onto the garment it is also often called Direct-To-Garment 'DTG' Printing. It is a relatively new technology but is rapidly improving and gaining popularity.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

- Low set up costs -
As DTG prints directly from the digital image we do not need to create screens and set the machine like we do for screen printing.
- Complex designs -
As it prints direct, there is no limit to how many colours or how complex the design can be.
- Great for small orders -
Due to no set up costs, we can offer DTG at a very cost effective price.
- Eco-responsible -
Digital printing only uses water based ink which are better for the environment than standard plastisol ink.

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Our Work:

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