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What is Transfer Printing?

Transfer printing is the process of printing an image on a vinyl and then heat pressing that image onto a garment. It works well for photographic images, individually named garments as well as printing onto bags and jackets, this printing method is also often used on football shirts.

Our transfer printing machine also makes it easy to access areas of a garment that would otherwise be difficult to print on. So, if your order requires a specific location print that we may not be able to process with screen or digital printing, rest assured we've got it covered with transfer printing.

Benefits of Transfer Printing:

- A variety of garments can be transfer printed -

- It is a suitable printing method for small and medium sized orders -

- Has the ability to print individual names and numbers on each garment -

- Can print on difficult to access areas -

- Can print full colour on any order quantity -

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Our Work:

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