Screen Printing

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is an affordable and versatile printing technique that can apply custom images to many different materials. The process involves making a screen - a little like a template - and repeatedly using that screen to apply ink to that garment. Each screen applies one colour so by using multiple screens, it's possible to layer different colours on top of each other to create a more detailed logo or design.

Screen printing is a great method for large order quantities as it is cost effective and produces high-quality prints.

Colours & Effects

We are proud of the huge range of coloured inks that we can use for custom clothing, as we can accurately reproduce practically any shade. All of our inks also wash well and retain their vibrancy over time.

We can also create a range of textures and finishes using specialised inks if you would like an eye-catching effect such as high gloss finishes, ink that appears to glow, glitter inks and even raised 'puffy' finish to add texture to your garment.

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Our Work:

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